Chairman – Prof. Viktor Anatolevich Lazarenko

Rectorate Secretary – Azarenko O.V.


Members of the Rectorate;

  1. Vice-rector for educational activities and general issues – P. Kalutskii
  2. Vice-rector for scientific work and innovative development – P. Tkachenko
  3. Acting Vice-rector for medical work and relations with clinical bases – A. Stepchenko
  4. Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Cooperation – Komissinskaya I.G.
  5. Vice-rector for educational work, social development and public relations – T. A. Shulgina
  6. Assistant Rector for General Issues – Antonov A.E.
  7. Assistant Rector for Security – A. Saltanov
  8. Head of the Management of Financial and Economic Activities, Chief Accountant – I.S. Kostanova
  9. Head of the Management of Economic Activities – Mustafaev D.V.
  10. Head of Staff Management and Human Resources – Sorokina N.N.
  11. Head of the Management of State Order and Legal Support of the University – Antoshin L.N.
  12. Head of The Administration for International Relations – Iobidze Yu.S.
  13. Director of International Medical Institute – M.T. Chahine
  14. Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council – O. Medvedeva
  15. Chairman of the trade union committee of employees – M. Churilin
  16. Chairman of the trade union committee of students – Starykh A.A.
  17. Head of educational-methodical management – Ovod A.I.
  18. Head of the library – Danilova A.V.
  19. The chief physician of the consultative diagnostic clinic – M. Lunev
  20. Director of the Center for Creative Development and Continuing Education – Orlova E.M.
  21. Head of accreditation and simulation center – Dolgina I.I.
  22. The director of the center for pre-university training is S. Cherney
  23. The head of the Fundamentals of life safety civil defense and emergency, Yu.P. Avdeev.
  24. Editor of a large-circulation newspaper – V. Gorokhova
  25. Director of the center of informatization – Akinshin D.O.
  26. Director of the Center for Information Policy – I. Zapesotskaya
  27. Director of the Students Campus – V. Shikin
  28. Civil Defense Specialist – Volokhova N.V.
  29. Director of the Medical and Pharmaceutical College of KSMU – N. Savelyeva
  30. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pediatrics – V.V. Kharchenko
  31. Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology – I. Drozdova
  32. Dean of Dental, Medical and Prophylactic and General Medical School faculties – I. Brovkina
  33. Dean of the faculties of clinical psychology, social work, economics and management – Vasilenko TD
  34. Dean of the International Faculty – Lyashev Yu.D.
  35. Acting- Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education – Gavrilyuk V.P.
  36. Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education – A. Kuznetsova