World mask week has started in social media. It lasts till August 14. You can join it by publishing video and photo of you wearing mask. Don’t forget to add hash tags #worldmaskweek, #всемирнаянеделямасок and note @rospotrebnadzor.official. Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights supports this trend and reposts publications in its accounts.

In this manner nonprofit organization Pandemic Action Network which organized world mask week unites people all over the world in fighting coronavirus. World Health Organization also supports the idea.

This promotion reminds the society about the necessity of wearing masks. Masks covering nose and mouth prevent spreading of virus when coughing, sneezing, talking. The effectiveness of wearing masks is scientifically proved!

Join the promotion, observe mask regime, which is in force in the Kursk region, take care of your health and health of people around you!