Every year since 2000, the second Saturday of September has been celebrated in many countries. It is World First Aid Day, which was initiated by the national member organizations of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The purpose of first aid is to provide the victim with the necessary basic measures to save their life, alleviate their suffering and prevent the development of possible complications. Of course, physicians provide such assistance professionally, but in addition to them, employees, police, rescuers must master the first-aid techniques. And ordinary citizens can also learn it. Deputy Medical Director of the Federal Center for Disaster Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia Andrey Kolodkin told how to help victims before arrival of physicians:

— The main purpose of World First Aid Day is to inform the public. It is important to remind people not to be afraid of first aid, Kolodkin noted. First aid training may start as early as kindergarten when a child already knows the home address, phone number of parents and emergency services. At school, knowledge deepen. In our country, the concept of teaching basics of life safety has now changed, a new textbook has been issued. In adulthood, first aid courses are available. – Why is it important to be able to provide first aid? An ambulance team may not always arrive quickly if you are in a remote locality, in the mountains, camping. In such circumstances, it is necessary to act quickly and independently.

First aid can save a person’s life!