The International Medical Institute continues to conduct some classes using e-learning methods, as for many foreign students who do not currently have the opportunity to travel to another country to study, this is a great chance to receive

The countries where the students live are located in different time zones. However, the schedule of classes was managed in such a way that they were held at a convenient time for students and teachers, so they save time without breaking the usual routine of work and study.
On April 1, 2021, the staff of the International Medical Institute held a meeting with new students in the online conference mode, where they were greeted by the director of the “IMI” M.T. Shekhine, the Deputy director of the “IMI” for Educational activities, Associate Professor A. A. Kryukov, and the Deputy head of the Department of Education L. A. Chernyakova. Then the students were introduced to the teachers who take part in the educational process. In addition, there was a video tour of Russia, Kursk and KSMU.

Students who live in Malaysia, Brazil, Lebanon, and the Maldives were very interested to learn about the diversity of nature, about the traditions of our country, about Russian souvenirs, costumes, symbols, as well as getting acquainted with Kursk and the medical university, where they will receive the degree of a doctor.

At the end of the meeting, the students asked their questions.