On March, 31 2022 in Kursk state medical university there was held a meeting of 1st year students with rector of KSMU professor V.A.Lazarenko and the representatives of law enforcement of Kursk region that was devoted to explanation of the main law statues of the RF in the sphere of involvement in illegal activities as well as prohibition of taking part in extremist, nationalism or  other types of activities at the territory of the RF.

Present at the meeting were: rector of Kursk state medical university, honored physician of the RF , doctor of medicine, professor, deputy of Kursk regional Duma of VII assembly, honorary citizen  of Kursk- V.A. Lazarenko, the prosecution attorney of Kursk region U.V. Rumshina, the lead investigator of Anti-Extremism Center of  AMIA of Russia and Kursk region –N.N. Matuhin, lead investigator of IAD AMIA  of Russia and Kursk region- O.A. Lobova, the head of Migration and visa service department, the Department of invitations and entry permissions of AMIA of Russia and Kursk region- M.A. Martianova, Deputy head of  security department of AMIA of Russia and Kursk region- A.I. Saltanov, the director of Kursk state medical institute- M.T. Chahine and other representatives of the International Medical Institute.

In the total the meeting was visited by nearly 346 competitors among which there were not only students of IMI but also the relatives of those who study abroad.

Viktor Anatolievich presented the welcome speech in which he pointed out that there are no military actions at the territory of Kursk region and all organizations function under normal conditions. Rector asked the students and their relatives not to trust the information spreaded over internet and to follow the information from approved sources as well as to use official web sites mentioning that Kursk region admit foreign students with great pleasure and that the region  is considered to be one the cheapest on food market.

At the end of the speech Viktor Annatolievich wished the students successful studies and easy exams in the institute.

Holding of meetings with the representatives of the university and law enforcements of AMIA and foreign students enable them to be successfully socially adopted in new social, language and national spheres which are devoted to keep peace and conciliation in the international sphere.