On November 19, 2020 web conference “Gastronomic Etude” took place. The conference was arranged by the students and employees of the International Medical Institute. During the whole month the students were choosing popular national dishes, preparing presentations and holding rehearsals.  All their hard work ended up with grand gourmet holiday.

IMI Director, Associate Professor M.T. Chahine, IMI Vice-Director for Educational Activities, Associate Professor A.A. Krukov and IMI Deputy Head of the Educational Department  L.A. Chernyakova addressed the participants at the beginning of the conference, wishing them success and good luck.

During the presentation the students introduced dishes of Malaysian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Maldivian, Brazilian and Russian cuisine. They talked about the recipes history, showed ingredients and the process of cooking step by step. The students spoke mainly Russian. Only those who have started their classes recently spoke English.

The web conference participants had an opportunity to witness unforgettable presentations of various dishes which included Pisang, Goreng, Nasi Limak, Chinese Chicken with Herbs, milk rice, Pulut Kuning (yellow glutinous rice), Bondibai and many others.

Many of the participants presented their favorite dishes which are inexpensive and easy to cook.

The presentations were followed by the quizzes which were made by the participants. Web conference “Gastronomic Etude” showed the variety of tastes and unity in the search for everything interesting and educational in the world and also the striving for learning more about Russia, Russian traditions and mentality.  IMI teachers M.K. Luneva and E.N. Ozerova were the moderators of the web conference.