For educational and extra-curricular adaptation of foreign students to life in new conditions for them, IMI teachers use excursions in a distance format in the classroom, in accordance with an additional general developmental program in the Russian language with elements of socio-cultural adaptation. One of them was an excursion around KSMU based on a video about our university. Reviews of students about the university, its history, traditions, which they got acquainted with while still in their homeland, are of interest.

I like studying at KSMU because KSMU has a lot of conveniences for all students. For example, there is a court for playing football. So, I can play football there to release tension when I finish my classes. (Mahathir Bin Amir, Group 1MB)

Kursk State Medical University has well developed and advanced technologies to help medical students study clearly with proper understanding of how a doctor should perform at particular situations. Observing and virtually experiencing how medical students study and get trained made me motivated. (Snega Kanthiban Group 4)

I think the living environment there is very good and comfortable. And there are complexes of open high-tech campuses and laboratories for us to achieve success in science every year. (Chau Jia Mei Group 3)

Besides that, KSMU not just focus on studies, but also free time of students. There are variety of things you can do apart from studying, like dancing & workout. I found these activities really interesting to relieve stress from studying. (Aidel Ezhar Bin Mohamad Shafii Group 1MB)

It is so fascinating to see that this university has many different faculties which could enhance student knowledge and experience in learning something new. This university provides continuous trainings, supervisions, practical courses and other interactive forms of education for students. (Alia Aqilah Binti Zulkornain, Group 3)

KSMU is the university that helps new students to adapt to life at the university, and adaptation camp was created at KSMU. (Amira Wahida Binti MD Amin, Group 1MB)

KSMU is one of the top universities in Russia, and there is no doubt that it lives up to its reputation. I can see that it is well equipped with all sorts of accommodations and equipment necessary for student studies and daily life. (Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohd Shaharul, Anwar Group 3)

Certified education program, experienced teachers with wonderful achievements, that is what attracts student attention. KSMU anatomical theatre and museum is one of the memorable parts of the video since it is very interesting to see. (Nur Qamarina Qistina Binti Mohd Ali, Group 3)

In addition, KSMU has been attractive to the capable and active young people. Students have the opportunity to show their qualities from the first days of their study, for example, in creativity. More than 25th cultural events are held annually on the basis of the center of creative development. (Nur Aireen Natasha Binti  Saiful Bahari, Group 5 MB)

I also like how the university has a study life and physical life balance for students as well as the various resources in the university that help to make student life a better one and create a great study experience. (Divyasini Anbalagan, Group 3)