Pilot studies have already been carried out with the young Kursk company “PARAMERUS”, which proved the consistency of the theory of the positive influence of broadband electromagnetic fields on the parameters of the cellular phase of the immune response. This opens up research prospects in many areas of medicine, problems of which are associated with damage and inflammation.

Within the framework of the concluded agreement, it is planned to carry out a number of joint research works and projects. In particular, the study of the dynamics of wound healing and regeneration of various types of epithelia under the action of broadband electromagnetic radiation under experimental conditions, its effect on macrophages, on the immunocompetent organs of laboratory animals, microbial flora, tumor cells.

We invite scientific teams, scientists, students to join the groups conducting this type of research on the basis of the Laboratory of Experimental Surgery and Oncology of RI EM KSMU.

Vice-Rector for Scientific Work and Innovative Development, Professor V.A. Lipatov



There are vacancies for students in research groups in morphology, laboratory diagnostics and cell culture issues. Contact the associate professor of the Department of Pathophysiology M.E. Dolgintsev: dolgincevme@kursksmu.net As always, we welcome everyone, including and especially students of IMI, MFC and residents.