Within two weeks since March 1 in KSMU passed educational and training collecting for winners and prize-winners of a regional stage of the Russian-wide Olympiad of schoolchildren on chemistry among pupils of 9-11 classes of schools of the Kursk region. The training was carried out within the framework of the implementation of measures to identify and support gifted children of the sub-programme “Implementation of additional education and child-rearing system” of the state program “Development of education in the Kursk region”. The objectives of the meeting were: to support students’ cognitive interest in chemistry; to deepen chemical knowledge and improve chemical literacy; and to create conditions for the development of gifted children.

Teachers Candidate of Chemical Sciences A.Yu. Malykhin, Candidate of Chemical Sciences O.I. Oksenenko, Candidate of Chemical Sciences L.M. Yampolsky were involved in conducting training  under the supervision of Head of the Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry, Ph.D. E.V. Budko. In the course of the classes, the questions were analyzed in the most complex areas of the basic theories of chemistry. In the laboratory of the Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry, participants were offered an experimental tour based on inorganic and organic chemistry material.

We hope that the knowledge and skills gained during the classes will allow the children to properly present the Kursk region at the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of Schoolchildren in Chemistry.

Head of the Department of General and Bioorganic  Chemistry,
Professor Elena Vyacheslavovna Budko