For several years, the project “No time limit” has been implemented in Russia and its materials are really unique. You can find them on web-site: https://безсрокадавности.рф/
“No time limit” is a large educational project which purpose is to keep the memory of the Great Patriotic War. Within the project the archival documents are declassified, field works are conducted, scientific conferences and educational lectures are read out, schoolchildren and students take part in real affairs as volunteers, members of the search movement.
The project enables you to transfer the historical memory of the tragedy of the civilian population of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War to the younger generation, to involve children in the study of historical facts. In particular, thanks to the project, archival documents related to the Nuremberg trials were made public.
Every year the number of participants of the All-Russian Essay contest “No time limit” increases. In 2022, more than 500 thousand students took part in it.
The project includes the All-Russian Essay Contest “No time limits”, the All-Russian contest of research projects “No time limits”, the All-Russian Festival of Museums of Educational Organizations “No time limits”.
This year, the jury of the federal stage of the contest of museums of educational organizations includes the director of the History Museum of the University, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor E.S. Kravtsova. The work evaluation will be held in 3 categories: “Museum”- — the concept of museum creation ( updating), museum rooms and museum halls in an educational organization; “Virtual Museum” — the concept of creating virtual museum content for posting on the official websites of educational organizations (in the absence or impossibility of creating museum expositions); “Exhibition” is the concept of creating a museum exposition in an educational organization dedicated to the problems of the project.