The XVIII All-Russian Forum “Professionally oriented Volunteering: current state and prospects of development” was held in Kursk State Medical University. The event discussed the implementation of volunteer activities, the interaction of the university with the authorities, summed up the work of medical volunteers in the Kursk region during the pandemic.
The forum program includes a summit of the coordinators of the “We Are Together” campaign in the Kursk region, a dialogue between the Forum participants and the Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Public “Medical Volunteers” movement, a presentation of social projects implemented by KSMU, zoom conferences, as well as field volunteer events in the field of medical, psychological, and social volunteerism-the “The good is always Here” campaign.
The forum was first held in 2014 as a regional platform for discussing volunteerism. Today, this event is of All-Russian significance, which brings together representatives of the government, the medical community, various public and educational organizations.
The participants of the event were welcomed by the Rector of KSMU Viktor Lazarenko, the Deputy Governor of the Kursk region Andrey Belostotsky, the chairman of the Youth Policy Committee of the Kursk region Sergey Kotlyarov, the Deputy chairman of the All-Russian “Medical Volunteers”  public movement Maria Yakunchikova, the coordinator for regional development of the All-Russian “Medical Volunteers” public movement Elvira Izhberdeeva.
It will soon be a year since the “We are Together” volunteer movement helps Kursk healthcare in the fight against the pandemic. More than 700 people came to the rescue, more than 11 thousand trips were made by car volunteers, including students of the medical university. In call centers, volunteers processed more than 25 thousand calls.
Deputy Governor of the Kursk Region Andrey Belostotsky thanked the Kursk State Medical University for its invaluable contribution to the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus infection.
– Without the help of students and staff of the medical university, it would be very difficult for us to cope. I thank everyone who took part and who still works in our medical institutions.
Currently, 30 volunteer groups are organized in KSMU, 1.5 thousand students are involved in their work. Since 2016, the Kursk Regional Department of  “Medical Volunteers” has been operating on the basis of the university.
“We started developing the volunteer movement 15 years ago,” said Viktor Lazarenko, Rector of the Kursk Medical University. – The pandemic has proved that our students and residents are conscientious people with a good heart, they are capable of many things. Having gained practical experience in medical institutions, some already determine their future place of work. Many of them continue to combine their studies and help people today.
During the pandemic, medical students were able to see the work of a doctor not from the visitor’s side, but from the inside, which is very important for understanding the profession. As the Deputy Chairman of the ASM “Medical Volunteers” Association Maria Yakunchikova noted, the Kursk experience is one of the best in Russia.
For his selfless and significant contribution to the implementation of the All-Russian campaign #WeAreTogether, KSMU was awarded the commemorative medal of the President of Russia. In addition, the invited guests presented their gratitude and memorable awards to active medical students.