Russian Language nd Speech Culture Department hosted an annual traditional musical and poetic evening dedicated to the birthday of A.S. Pushkin and the Day of the Russian Language – “The World of Pushkin’s Works” in the format of a zoom conference.
This event was organized as part of the international project to promote the Russian language in the world “The Great and Mighty …” together with the Center for Creative Development and Additional Education of KSMU. Russian music and poetry evening virtually brought together students, teachers and all lovers of poetry from different parts of the world, uniting them with a wonderful date – the birthday of the great Russian poet and writer, the founder of the new Russian literature and modern Russian literary language Alexander Pushkin! His work has crossed the borders of our country, becoming a model of high literature for all generations of readers.
Irina A. Kovyneva, Head of the Department of Russian Language and Culture of Speech, Associate Professor, addressed the participants and guests of the evening with a welcoming speech.
Russian Poetry marathon featured poems by A.S. Pushkin in English, Sinhalese and Russian performed by IMI foreign students and Russian students of KSMU, participants of theater collectives of the Central Research Center and DO, the Literary Bureau studio.
The real decoration of the musical and poetic evening was the romances to the famous poems of A.S. Pushkin “I remember a wonderful moment”, “I loved you” and “What’s in my name for you”, which were performed by IMI students (Rina Bernadette Christopher, Istifanus Joshua Nuhu, Nur Hazlin Farissia Binti Haidzar and Siti Khalidah Binti Ismail), as well as original dramatizations of Pushkin’s fairy tales.
Each participant of the russian music and poetry evening “The World of Pushkin’s Works” in his own bright, emotional way tried to convey the understanding of the works of the great author in his own emotional way thus paying homage to the poet’s work, the great Russian language and literature, and hence Russian culture.