The memory of the Great Patriotic War and its heroes will live forever in the grateful hearts of people. She is immortalized in feature films and documentaries, in poems and songs, in painting and decorative arts.
On April 29, the Kursk State Medical University Library hosted the opening of an exhibition of applied folk art dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, under the poetic title “Victory Flowers”.
The presenters of the evening were students of the Center for Creative Development of KSMU and Additional Education Alexander Stepkin and Valeria Shurygina.
The exhibition was opened by the singer Emma Aramovna Simonyan. She shared her childhood memories of her father, a participant of the Great Patriotic War, and sang a song by P. Fomenko, B. Vakhtin “For the rest of my life.”
A. Usachev’s poem “What is Victory Day?” performed by kindergarten pupil Anya Streltsova was very pathetic. .
The exhibition was presented by creative works of 26 authors.
Lyudmila Mikhailovna Ionina, a master of decorative and applied art from Kursk, introduced the audience to works in various techniques: painting (oil on canvas/cardboard, gouache); embroidery using different types of stitch execution.
Samarina Ella Nikolaevna – Kursk craftswoman of applied art, presented her works made in the technique of “embroidery” using silk and satin ribbons, artificial silk, organza, floss threads. A colorful work under the poetic title “The Beauty of the Russian Land” participated in the All-Russian Exhibition in St. Petersburg.
Voronkin Sergey Anatolyevich is a professional artist, introduced the audience to an artistic canvas that he specially wrote for the Victory Flowers project. It depicts Sergei Anatolyevich’s grandfather – Voronkin Yefim Kuzmich. On the back of the painting is the signature: “My grandfather died in January 1945 and never returned in a blooming May …”.
Natalia Karatueva, an artist from the village of Kamyshi of the Kursk region, presented paintings of anti–war themes.
The works of masters of decorative and applied art Lyudmila Malyshkina, Galina Alekseevna Chuichenko, Elena Viktorovna Tikhonova captivate with their unique creative handwriting, texture, color and compositional solutions.
Participation of students and employees of Kursk State Medical University in exhibition projects is already becoming a glorious tradition. The exhibition features the works of Marina Sergeevna Krivoshlykova, a teacher of the Department of Pharmacology. She presented the composition of textile dolls “Victorious May”. Elena Borisovna Sopina, an employee of the Center for Creative Development and Additional Education of KSMU, performed the following works: a medic-owl symbolizing the subtle connection of the present with the historical past (crocheting), and a basket of flowers with a red carnation – one of the symbols of memory.
The creative works of students of the Medical and Pharmaceutical College of KSMU Evgenia Didenko, Anastasia Kozlitina, Svetlana Safonova, Anna Shchekotikhina and Emilia Chalykh are also pleasing to the eye. A student of the Faculty of Medicine Darina Podushkina painted a spring landscape on canvas with oil paints.
The exhibition “Flowers of Victory” demonstrates that the theme of the Great Patriotic War, the memory of the heroes of that terrible war, live in the hearts of people, regardless of age or occupation. No wonder there is a symbolic phrase on the labels: “VICTORY IS IN EACH OF US”!