I heartily congratulate you on the Day of the teacher of the higher school. The professional holiday was established and celebrated for the first time in 2021, declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin the Year of Science and Technology. The date for the holiday was not chosen by chance: Mikhail Lomonosov was born on November 19, who, as you know, founded the first Russian university.

The teaching profession is one of the most important, unique and revered, because the development and prosperity of our country in the future, our future will depend on the trained young generation. The emergence of the tradition of congratulating university teachers is designed to highlight the value and relevance of teachers’ work, their significant role in the education of young people. A modern teacher should keep up with the times, identify the best qualities inherent in everyone’s soul, motivate and inspire his students.

In medical education, university teachers often act as mentors for young doctors, as they teach not only the disciplines necessary in our specialty that are directly related to understanding the work of the human body, but also show by personal example the high value of humanism, ethics and deontology, as well as the importance of communication. A high school teacher reveals the best human traits of a future doctor, instills a sense of responsibility for a person’s life. I am sure that every medical worker had such teachers at the medical school, which he still remembers with warmth and gratitude.

I am convinced that thanks to the experience, skill and knowledge of teachers, current students will write an equally bright page in the development of the best traditions of Russian medicine.

I wish you  creative successes, grateful students, good health, inexhaustible energy, good spirits and great prospects in your hard work.