The Russian Ministry of Health has released an updated version of Temporary Guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus Infection (COVID-19). The thirteenth version of the provisional guidelines has been prepared by leading Russian experts, taking into account the accumulated scientific data.

In the new version of the recommendations, the sections related to drug therapy have been updated: the possibilities of using monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of a new coronavirus infection have been clarified. The possibilities of interchangeability of drugs in treatment regimens are explained.

Thus, the updated version of the temporary guidelines provides information about new highly effective antiviral drugs – monoclonal antibodies. Their use in patients with severe risk factors will neutralize the virus at an early stage and stop the unfavorable development of the disease. Also, drug therapy regimens at the outpatient stage have been improved, allowing preventing an excessive inflammatory reaction at an early stage.

The new version of the guidelines is sent to the regions for use in clinical practice.