9 citizens of Kursk became the winners of the regional stage of the competition. Young scientists and students of Kursk State Medical University are among them:

  • Alexey Vladimirovich Barchukov “Development of an Effective Protective Medical Device for the Prevention of Airborne Diseases” (supervisor Professor, Doctor of Philosophy E.V. Budko)
  • Evgeniya Sergeevna Zatolokina “Development of a Biocomplex for Bone Tissue Regeneration Based on Natural Coral Granules and Platelet-enriched Plasma as an Osteosynthesis Stimulator” (supervisor Professor, Dr. habil. med. M.A. Zatolokina)
  • Alexander Anatolyevich Panov “Development of Two-component Spongy Agents with Hemostatic and Anti-adhesion Qualities” (supervisor Professor, Dr. habil. med. V.A. Lipatov)

These projects were awarded high peer review and will receive grant support from the Innovation Promotion Fund for the research continuation.

We congratulate the winners and wish them the speedy implementation and commercialization of their projects.