On May 27, 2022 at the premises of the Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Phthisiopulmonology of KSMU, an international scientific and practical online conference “Topical issues of diagnosis and treatment of allergo- and immunopathology” was held.
The conference was organized by the Kursk State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Phthisiopulmonology), Gomel State Medical University (Belarus), Kursk Branch of the Russian Association of Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists.
The conference was attended by scientists from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and the Luhansk People’s Republic. Among the participants were employees and students of the Kursk State Medical University, the Medical Institute of the I.S. Orel State University. Turgenev, Gomel State Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Ryazan State Medical University, who presented the results of their scientific research in the form of reports and articles.
Rector of Gomel State Medical University, Associate Professor Igor Olegovich Stoma, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovative Development of Kursk State Medical University, Professor Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Lipatov, Head of the Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Phthisiopulmonology, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Svetlana Mikhailovna Yudina addressed the conference participants with a welcoming speech.
At the conference, 15 scientific reports were heard and discussed, which were devoted to topical problems of clinical immunology, such as difficulties in diagnosing and treating manifestations of immunopathology and allergy in general clinical practice, drug allergy and side effects of drugs in the practice of a doctor, immunodeficiency conditions in children, rational pharmacotherapy of immunopathology and allergic diseases, and also the features of the course were discussed a new coronavirus infection with Covid-19.
According to the organizers and participants, the conference was held in an atmosphere of constructive dialogue and exchange of clinical experience, in a fruitful and creative discussion, more than 100 participants joined the ZOOM conference.
Organizing Committee of the conference.