On May 24-25, the XV Olympiad on Surgical Skills was held, dedicated to the memory of Professor Albert Dmitrievich Myasnikov. It was attended by 117 students and 45 teams, ranging from sophomores and more experienced young colleagues from senior courses who have repeatedly participated in events of this level. The guests of the Olympiad were teams from the Orel and Belgorod State Universities. The guys showed their theoretical and previously practical training in the following categories: knot knitting, desmurgy, abdominal surgery, plastic surgery, vascular microsurgery, vascular surgery, Achilles tendon suture, endovideosurgery, osteosynthesis, thoracic surgery, urological competition, skull trepanation.
The conditions of the competition were very complex and designed for professionals in their field. The strict jury, which included practicing advanced surgeons, professors and candidates of medical sciences, scrupulously evaluated each team, but all participants were satisfied with the honest and friendly attitude of the jury.
The main objectives of the Olympiad is to attract talented students to further study of surgery, the organization of surgical practice, career guidance of children. According to numerous requests from students, this Olympiad will be held in the future.

The Organizing Committee of the Olympiad.