Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed the Decree on awarding employees of Arkhangelsk Regional Hospital Order of Courage and Medal “For Life Saving”. KSMU student Lyudmila Maudina is amoung those recommended for the highest state honor.

In summer 2019 the girl was on holiday in her birthplace in the Arkhangelsk region. On August 8 she received information on emergency situation occurred in the White Sea. It was caused by the explosion in the testing area in Nyonoks. There worked only two employees in the local medical aid station at the time of the tragedy. Within half an hour from the moment of the emergency, 6 victims were brought there in a serious condition. Lyudmila arrived at the medical station instantly and at the risk of her life delivered medical care to the injured under the guidance of medical personnel.

Due to the competent actions of Lyudmila Maudina and staff medical personnel the life of a badly injured person was saved.

KSMU student was awarded Medal “For Life Saving” for courage, bravery and determination which she demonstrated while saving people under emergency conditions. Acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Alexander Tsybulsky awarded the girl Honorary Award.

The University Administration is proud of the student! Lyudmila used obtained professional skills successfully, showed composure, patience and demeanor peculiar to a true doctor.