This academic year on May 28, 2022, the final meeting of the scientific student circle named after G.E. Ostroverkhov took place. It was dedicated to the 71st anniversary of its foundation. The first meeting of the circle was held on February 23, 1951 under the leadership of Professor G.E.Ostroverkhov. And the tradition of graduates to gather “on the last Saturday of May” belongs to Professor A.D. Myasnikov and associate professor Yu.P. Skosarev. Yuri Petrovich was the head of the circle in the middle of the last century.
This meeting began traditionally with a visit to the graves of Professor A.D. Myasnikov and associate professor of the Department Yu.P. Skosarev.
This meeting was attended by a delegation from Belgorod headed by graduates of our university oncourologist – I.A. Tokarev, surgeon Doctor of Medical Sciences A.A. Bondarev. The meeting of the circle was attended by the ex-head of the circle, professor of the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy, Vice-rector for Research and Innovative Development of KSMU V.A. Lipatov as well as the staff of the department.
Professor A.I. Bezhin opened the meeting of the circle with his welcome speech . He introduced the guests and members who arrived at the meeting.
Anastasia Dzharu, a 5th-year student of the pedagogical faculty, reported on the work of the SSC for the 2021-2022 academic year (theoretical and practical meetings of the circle, the participation of members of the circle in four Olympiads in surgery, in scientific conferences, joint meetings with the general surgery circle of Bashkir State Medical University, etc.).
Graduates of the G.E. Ostroverkhov SSC in 2022 are:
1. Salomatina Anna Vadimovna 6 medical 4 group.
2. Nichiporenko Maria Sergeevna 6 medical 15 group.
3. Tsukanov Vladislav Andreevich 6 medical 27 group.
4. Gasanagaev Fikret Abdulganievich 6 medical group 9.
5. Lukashov Mikhail Mikhailovich 6 pediatric 3 group.
6. Shabalin Alexey Alexandrovich 6 medical 2 group.
7. Romanenko Sergey Mikhailovich 6 medical 12 group.
8. Dragovoz Ivan Sergeevich 6th year 6 group.
9. Rozhnov Alexey Alexandrovich 6th year 5th group.
Those present congratulated the graduates. Each of them was handed a scalpel and tweezers with the inscription “Do no harm.” Kind and warm words were addressed to the guys from the circle members present in the hall. Good luck to our dear graduates!!!!!
Professor A.I. Bezhin, Head of the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy, Head of the SSC named after Professor G.E. Ostroverkhov