On April 23 Kursk State Medical University hosted an interactive “Dive into Space” event timed to coincide with the All-Russian campaign “Library Night 2021”.

The interactive event was dedicated to science, space and, of course, the first flight of a human into space.

The participants of the meeting made a virtual trip to the “Aelita” cosmonautics museum of secondary school No. 2 in Shchigry of Kursk region. The head of the museum Erokhina Elena Nikolaevna – told about the creator of the cosmonautics museum, research engineer – Konstantin Ivanovich Veter. The listeners made a fascinating journey from the history of astronautics to space life, touched a fragment of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite.

The speech of the lecturer of the Kursk Regional Planetarium, Olga Mikhailovna Stulova, was interesting and informative. Olga Mikhailovna introduced the history of cosmonautics, told about the pioneers of space, who stood at the origins of the legendary flight “Vostok”, interesting facts from the life of cosmonauts and space technology development.

Employees of Literature Museum of Kursk Region delivered an online lecture on the story “Silver Day” of M. Eskov, where they touched upon space and earth matters. The event ended with a speech by Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Smirnov, the chairman of the Kursk Regional Public Organization “Union of Missileman-veterans of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces”.

The participants of the event met interesting and enthusiastic people.

An exhibition of paintings by Kursk artists dedicated to space was presented on the interactive platform, and there was also a book exhibition “Space. Land. Person”.