As part of the academic exchange with partner universities, on April 28, 2022, the lecture on “Early diagnosis of basal cell skin cancer” was held in the lecture hall of the anatomical theater of KSMU. The lecturer was A.A. Sidikov, Rector of the Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health (FMIPH), Uzbekistan.
At the beginning, the Vice-rector for General Issues and Educational Activities, Associate Professor V.P. Gavrilyuk, spoke with words of greeting. Further, during the lecture, the features of early diagnosis of basal cell skin cancer were discussed. Diagnosis of such diseases is very difficult at the present time and the steady growth of oncological diseases is of particular concern to specialists. The lecture was delivered at a modern scientific level from the point of view of a clinician and a histologist, as Akmal Abdikakharovich is not only a dermatovenerologist, but also a histopathologist, which enables him to diagnose diseases at an early stage. A.A. Sidikov has completed an internship in dermatovenerology in Europe and is now applying the acquired knowledge and skills into practice of his country by opening the Department of Dermatooncopathology.
At the end of the lecture, A.A. Siddikov answered in detail all the students’ questions, gave examples from practice, the experience of foreign countries. Associate Professor of the Department of Dermatovenerology T.P. Isaenko appreciated the lecturer for an interesting lecture and wished further effective cooperation. Students of the 5th year of the Faculty of Medicine listened with great interest to the lecture material on the topic relevant in today’s world.