The main report was the speech of the rector of KSMU, professor Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko, in which the results of the work of the university over the past year were summed up, and new goals and objectives were determined.

At the beginning of his speech, Viktor Anatolyevich drew attention to the fact that today the main factors determining the position and role of the Russian Federation in the world in the long term are the high quality of human potential, ability to ensure technological leadership, effectiveness of public administration and transition of the economy to a new technological basis. The state of science, innovation, industry, education, healthcare and culture is turning into a key indicator of Russian competitiveness.

The main indicator of the effectiveness of university science is the steady growth of the publication activity of the academic staff and their scientometric indicators, and the main base for the planned development of the university is its renewable personnel potential with a well-established system for finding talents to form a reserve and an updated material base. All this clearly demonstrates the management landscape that has developed at Kursk State Medical University.

Even the pandemic could not damage the main areas of activity of scientific schools, including research, both fundamental and applied, and their practical orientation.

In the reporting period, the university research staff published 3939 works. Continuous work is being carried out to digitize the results of scientific research, including work with the profiles of the university and individual users in the RSCI, Scopus and WoS. Work on three topics of the state assignment is underway, which will be completed in 2023 under the leadership of professor V.A. Lipatov and professor G.S. Mal. For the first time, 30 employees of KSMU underwent scientific training abroad – in Lebanon. Projects of internships on the basis of KSMU are at the start-up stage.

Viktor Lazarenko stressed that it is necessary to ensure the constant participation of postgraduate students, young scientists and research teams in competitions for obtaining Russian and / or foreign grants.

One of the important components of the University mission is to constantly improve the level and ensure global competitiveness through training of qualified personnel, development of advanced medical, scientific and management technologies, implementation of applied and fundamental research at the highest international level.

– Universities claiming leadership must set themselves two tasks: the first is to respond to the challenges of the time, the second is to form their own scientific and educational agendas. Scientific achievements and research should become the main driving force of our university, – noted the Rector of KSMU Professor Viktor Lazarenko.

The results of the admissions campaign 2021 were presented in the report of Vice-Rector for Educational Activity and General Affairs, Deputy Chairman of the Admissions Committee Associate Professor Vasily Petrovich Gavrilyuk.

In the final part of the meeting, local regulations of KSMU were approved:

Provision on the transition of students from paid education to free education;

Provision on the regulation and planning of the teaching load at the University;

Provision on the Research Institute of General Pathology (RI GP);

Provision on the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine;

Provision on the Pedagogical Council of Medical and Pharmaceutical College of KSMU;

Provision on the assessment of the activity effectiveness of pedagogical workers of Medical and Pharmaceutical College of KSMU;

Provision on health and fitness sections of KSMU;

Provision on the student football league based at KSMU;

The program of comprehensive support for the professional self-determination of students with disabilities and health limitations at KSMU;

The plan of FSBEI HE KSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia on combating corruption for the 2021 – 2022 academic year.