On June 25, 2022, in the village of Svoboda, the rector of KSMU, Professor V.A. Lazarenko, in the presence of the Governor of the Kursk region R.V. Starovoit and other guests of the Kursk Korenskaya Fair signed an agreement in the field of joint implementation of an educational program in the specialty “Biotechnology” with the University of MATN (Lebanon).
The signed agreement is not the first joint project between KSMU and MATN University. Friendly relations between universities were established in 2015 and have been successfully developing the area of academic mobility of students and teachers, allowing the exchange of scientific and pedagogical experience.
Rector of MATN University Dr. Abdul Rahman Shahin, being a graduate of KSMU, thanked the Governor of the Kursk region R.V. Starovoit for the warm friendly reception of foreign guests, and the Rector of KSMU Professor V.A. Lazarenko for the active promotion of Russian education abroad and maintaining the high image of the University.