On March 21, 2022, the representatives of the Administration of KSMU met with the 4th-6th year students of the International Medical Institute in the format of a ZOOM conference. The event was attended by Vice-Rector for Medical Activity and Continuing Education, Director of the Institute of Continuing Education, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Professor Natalia Meshcherina, Director of IMI Associate Professor Mohamad Toufic Chahine, Deputy Director for Educational Activity of IMI Associate Professor Alexey Anatolyevich Kryukov and more than 600 students.

In her welcoming speech, vice-rector N.S. Meshcherina informed the IMI students about a significant change in the organization of the educational process – the transition to practical classes at clinical bases. In the near future, many clinical departments will return to work at municipal and regional medical institutions, in particular, Kursk Regional Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital of the Kursk Region Healthcare Committee, Kursk Municipal Hospital No. 6, Kursk Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 4 and a number of specialized clinics will be opened for students of KSMU. At other medical institutions, preparations are under way for the placement of departments and student training. The vice-rector noted that students, in turn, must also prove to be conscious members of the medical community and comply with the requirements imposed on all personnel of medical institutions. Only students with valid vaccination certificates will be allowed to study at the clinical facilities. Data on vaccinations against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 or a document confirming the disease must be not more than six months old. The following conditions for admission to classes at clinical bases were indicated. Each student must have a document confirming the identity and status of a student (credit book, student card, plastic pass with a photo), neat appearance, clean ironed white coat, second pair of shoes and a mask. Students are obliged to come to the territory of the medical institution on time and wait for the employee of the department who will accompany them to the study room. It is not allowed to move around the hospital without being accompanied. The students received the information provided by the vice-rector with joy and understanding.

Further, the Director of the IMI Mohamad Toufic Chahine answered students’ questions on the organization of classes and visa problems. In general, numerous questions from students emphasized their interest in practical classes at the clinic bases and satisfaction with the possibility of implementing practical training at healthcare institutions.