The purpose of the Competition is to identify and develop the social activity of young people, to attract the attention of students to solving socially significant problems of society.

Students of grades 10-11 of educational institutions, students of secondary vocational educational institutions of the city of Kursk and the Kursk region, professionally oriented to education in the field of social work, psychology, medicine, biotechnology, are invited to participate in the Competition. No more than two social projects can be submitted from an educational institution (project authors – no more than three students).

Contest Nominations:

1. “Historical memory and Cultural heritage” – social projects aimed at the formation of an active civic position, national and state identity, a positive image of modern and future Russia.

2. “Family and Parenthood” – social projects aimed at preparing young people for family creation, conscious parenting, prevention of social orphanhood, conflicts and divorces in young families.

3. “Environmental problems and the environment” – social projects aimed at improving the environment and environmental safety.

4. “Adaptation of people with disabilities in society” – social projects aimed at socio-psychological, professional adaptation of people with disabilities and their inclusion in society.

5. “Medical science and healthy lifestyle” – social projects aimed at improving medical literacy among the population, assistance in preserving and strengthening the health of young people, the formation of healthy lifestyle skills.

6. “Tolerance and intercultural cooperation” – social projects aimed at productive international cooperation of young people, the development of intercultural communications.

The competition is held in the period from November 15 , 2021 to April 20 , 2022 in several stages:

The first stage (15.11.2021 – 20.11.2021):

– information campaign, collection of applications (Appendix 1) for participation in the Competition (15.11.2021 – 25.11.2021);

– development and submission of social projects to the Competition by its participants, conducting master classes, consultations for participants of the Competition (25.11.2021 – 10.12.2021), the need for participation in master classes should be reflected in the Application.

Topic and date of the master classes:

1. “How to translate an idea into a social project?” Principles and priorities of social project development (11/23/2021).

2. “Social project from “A” to “Z”. Technologies for the development of social projects (25.11.2021).

3. “How to find partners for the implementation of a social project?” Resource support of a social project. Organization of the project team’s work in a social project. Partnership cooperation (08.12.2021).

4. “How to present the project to the target audience?” Preparation for the protection of a social project. Presentation features (09.12.2021).

The hosts of the master classes are specialists in the field of social design, winners, prize-winners and participants of regional, interregional, all-Russian and international competitions, programs and projects.

The second stage (10.12.2021):

– work of the Expert Council;

– public protection and evaluation of competitive projects by the Expert Council (10.12.2021);

The third stage (11.12.2021 – 20.04.2022)

– implementation of competitive projects – winners of the Competition (11.12.2021 – 15.04.2022);

– presentation of the results of the implementation of competitive projects, summing up, meeting of the Expert Council of the Competition (20.04.2022).

To register an application for participation in the Competition, follow the link:

Contact information: +7(4712) 58-89-92; 89202642489 – specialist of the Nepochatykh Social Center Elena Pavlovna.