Dear colleagues!!!
We invite you to take part in the V All-Russian Scientific and Practical conference with international participation “Pharmacology of different countries” dedicated to the 88th anniversary of Kursk State Medical University and the 85th anniversary of the Department of Pharmacology.
The conference will be held on October 18-19, 2022 at the premises of Kursk State Medical University (Kursk, Russia) in a remote format.
The conference program includes the following areas:
1. Modern principles of rational pharmacotherapy of socially significant diseases.
2. The state and prospects of the pharmaceutical market in Russia.
3. Rational prescription of medicines: the role of chronopharmacology.
4. Topical issues of personalized medicine: focus on pharmacogenetics.
5. Interaction of medicines.
6. Aspects affecting patients’ adherence to treatment.
7. Undesirable drug reactions. Side effects of medicines, their prevention and prevention.
8. Issues of monitoring, prevention, treatment.
9. Clinical and pharmacological characteristics and features of the use of new domestic and foreign medicines.
10. Features of pharmacotherapy in children’s practice. Features of the use of medicines during pregnancy and lactation.
11. The problem of unregulated use of medicines (“off-label drugs” and “unlicensed drugs”).
12. Stages of study and registration of medicines. Basic principles of drug testing.
13. The problem of brands and generics in clinical practice. Pharmacoeconomics in Russia.
14. Features of the modern pharmaceutical market of foreign countries.
15. The influence of dosage forms and methods of administration on the effectiveness of treatment.
16. Pharmacokinetic features and effectiveness of treatment. Features of the “dose-effect” assessment in treatment.
17. Drug resistance.
18. Pharmacoeconomical principles and approaches in modern pharmacotherapy.
19. Biotechnological aspects of the use of medicines.
20. Philosophical approaches to the action and use of medicines.
All registered participants of the conference who attended its events in person or remotely will receive an electronic personal certificate.
The Organizing Committee of the conference provides an opportunity to publish research results FREE of CHARGE in the proceedings of the conference or a full-text version of materials in the journals “INNOVA” and “Collection of Humanitarian Studies”.