Kursk volunteers celebrate the anniversary together with the whole country. During all the years of work, Kursk State Medical University has been the base of the regional department.

The “Medical Volunteers” movement begins its history in 2013 in Moscow with the “Sklif Volunteers” detachment. Gradually, the “Medical Volunteers” brand expanded to other regions, and the movement was officially registered in 2016. Now the total number of volunteers is about 89,000 from 85 regions of Russia. There are two branches in the Kursk region (Kursk and Rylsk), the total staff is over a thousand volunteers.

“Medical Volunteers” work in six main areas: first aid training and support of events, assistance in medical organizations, medical professional work, popularization of personnel donation, vocational guidance of schoolchildren in medicine, special projects,” says the regional coordinator of the “Medical Volunteers” movement, doctor anesthesiologist resuscitator Regional Budgetary Healthcare Institution Kursk Cancer Clinical Research Centre named after Ostroverkhov, assistant of the MASC KSMU Gaponov Alexey Yurievich.

Alexey himself joined the volunteers in 2016 and immediately headed the regional group at KSMU. More than 400 campaigns are carried out by medical volunteers per year. The partners of the department are the Administration of the Kursk region, the city of Kursk, the Healthcare Committee, the Committee for Youth and Tourism, dozens of educational and medical organizations.

Since the beginning of the action “We are Together”, which united volunteers during the first wave of the pandemic, Kursk medical volunteers have completed more than 26 thousand different tasks:

working with requests of citizens for vaccination against coronavirus infection, filling out electronic patient records, delivering medicines to outpatients and those who are in self-isolation, activities at the entrance in clinics and answering calls on hotlines. Our medical volunteers received 4 federal grants for the development of public initiatives.

Professionalism, team spirit, active civic stance of our students allowed us to achieve significant results and receive recognition from the #WeAreTogether volunteer staff at a high level. Kursk State Medical University was awarded a commemorative medal of the President of the Russian Federation for the disinterested contribution to the organization of the All-Russian campaign #WeAreTogether.