The University has opened a test access to the ELS “University Library online”.

Resource address:

University network computers have an access by IP addresses.

The electronic library system specializes in educational materials for universities and fully meets the requirements of the federal state educational standards of the third and ++third generations (FSES HPE) for libraries in terms of the formation of basic and additional literature funds.

The basis of the “University Library online” consists of e-books on humanities and natural sciences, economics, management, health care, architecture and construction, information technology. The books are grouped into holistic thematic collections, presented in a single publishing format adapted for reading from the screen (including bookreaders, tablets and smartphones) and for the purposes of scientific citation. Each edition in the “University Library online” fully meets the existing requirements for bibliographic design: it has a bibliographic description, a cover, an annotation and interactive content; the text is broken down by page, preserving the original printing layout.

The “University Library online” has numerous features distributed by user roles, including, in particular, the functions of full-text simple and advanced search, working with the catalog, page-by-page view of publications, copying and printing text, creating bookmarks and comments, generating and uploading statistical reports.

The website “University Library online” offers its subscribers the possibility of point sampling and selective expansion of scientific and educational content. The “Publishing collections” service meets the need of universities and libraries in special educational and scientific literature corresponding to their profile. ELS is not limited to book resources, but also contains interactive and multimedia educational content, e-learning courses, and tests.

The main form of the ELS use is the annual subscription of the organization, which allows free unlimited remote access to each employee or student of this organization. Access to ELS is possible through desktop and mobile computers, tablets and smartphones.

The “University Library online” includes:

Academic Basic Collection:

– Ebooks and Tutorials

– Scientific periodicals (HAC Journals)

– Works of scientific classics

– “Encyclopedia Classics”: encyclopedias and dictionaries


Publishing collections:

– Special scientific and educational literature from leading Russian publishing houses

Learning Media:

– Interactive tests and simulators

– Express preparation for exams (examination questions and answers)

– Educational and historical maps

– Audiobooks and video materials

– Presentations, diagrams, tables


A brief algorithm for working with the search on the ELS website “University Library online”