Today, on May 16, 2022, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Gomel State Medical University (Republic of Belarus), Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Normal and Pathological Physiology Melnik Viktor Alexandrovich gave a lecture for 2nd year students of the Medical Faculty of KSMU on the topic “Physiology of muscles”.

The Vice-rector for Educational Activities and General Issues, Associate Professor V.P. Gavrilyuk, made a welcoming speech. He stressed the importance of students’ knowledge of the physiological basis of the body functioning for the successful assimilation of subsequent disciplines.
During the lecture, the physical and physiological properties of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscles, functional features of the neuron, the mechanism of muscle contraction, the troponin-tropomyosin complex were considered.
The lecture material aroused the interest of the students of the Faculty of Medicine, at the end of the lecture questions were asked, to which Viktor Alexandrovich answered in detail. Partner universities – Kursk State Medical University and Gomel State Medical University plan to continue the practice of academic exchange.