Students of the Kursk State Medical University took part in the full-time stage in the II Russian-wide multidisciplinary student Olympiad “Medical Heights”, held at the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education “KFU named after Vernadsky” “S. I. Georgievsky Medical Academy” in Simferopol.

According to the results of the first (distance) round, in which 34 teams took part, the team “”, consisting of the students of our University, Dragovoza I. S., Gulakova D. A., Zorya A. I., Zorya A. I., Puchkova E. L., passed the second (internal) round.

According to the results of the practical stage, KSMU students showed the best results when passing the competition “Providing emergency medical care in intensive care”, in connection with which they were awarded the corresponding diploma.

In the team ranking, the team took 6th place according to the results of the theoretical and practical stages of the Olympiad, among all the teams that took part in the Olympiad.

The team expresses its gratitude to the University management for the opportunity to take part in the Olympiad and to the University staff for the high quality of the educational process.