Our creative teams of the CENTER FOR CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT of KSMU are Laureates and Diploma Holders of the “Youth of CMA” 2021 – XVII OPEN INTERREGIONAL FESTIVAL-COMPETITION OF YOUTH CREATIVITY!


Anastasia Shirobokova, head of the folk song ensemble of KSMU “Week” – Grand Prix

Folk song Ensemble “Week” – Winner of the 3rd degree

Irina Muzaleva, solo – Diploma of the 1st degree

Studio of modern and classical dance of KSMU “Insight” – 1st and 2nd degree laureate

Ekaterina Pigoreva, solo laureate of the 3rd degree

Diana Maleeva, solo – Diploma of the 3rd degree

The ensemble of pop songs of KSMU “Harmony”, Alexander Stepkin, solo – Diploma of the 2nd degree

Congratulations on your victory and wish you further success!

We thank the heads of the creative teams of the CENTER for CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT of KSMU for their work and active participation in the remote format of correspondence competitions!