Students of KSMU Anna Meshkova and Vadim Lashin represented KSMU at the All-Russian Youth Educational Summer Forum “Territoriya Smyslov” held in the Moscow region.

Vadim Lashin presented his personal social project “Smile School”, the essence of which is a new educational and creative complex of volunteer activities and actions that show schoolchildren and students the importance of preserving their health, revealing personal talents and attract them to volunteer movements.

Smile School is closely connected with the main project of Vadim Lashin – “Smille of Life”. The Smile School is implemented through flash mobs, quest games, sketches, charity events and other educational activities dedicated to the prevention of various diseases.

To date, within the framework of the project, more than 47 events and actions (offline and online format) were carried out, which were attended by more than 350 residents of the Kursk, Perm, Belgorod regions and Moscow.

Vadim presented Smile School in the “You Are Not Alone” nomination.

It should be noted that KSMU successfully implements a number of different projects aimed at disease prevention and health preservation. For example, the Health to Veterans project is a kind of platform for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly, the Healthy generation project is aimed at forming ideas about health in the younger generation, prevention of socially significant diseases, as well as drug, alcohol, tobacco and other addictions. The aim of the PostCovida project is to inform citizens who have undergone covid-19 about methods of self-control, self-diagnostics and self-rehabilitation. The AS-ONKO project raises awareness of the population of the Kursk region on preventive issues of the most common forms of cancer pathology, and the goal of the Stress-out project is to train young people in algorithms for providing pre-psychological care in extreme situations. In total, the medical university implements about ten projects that became the winners of various competitions.