On April 3, 2021, the Youth Palace of our city hosted a stage of a large-scale choreographic competition within the framework of the festival ” Student Spring of the Nightingale Region 2021″. The best performances were presented by the dance groups of IMI KSMU from Sri Lanka and India. Among the participants of the dance competition, foreign students were impressed by their original culture, excellent performance of folk and pop dance, bright colorful costumes.

Stage culture, performance skills, artistry, originality and novelty, image and character, compositional and musical solution: these criteria were used to evaluate the skills of the participants of the regional festival “Student Spring of the Nightingale Region 2021”.

Participants competed in modern choreography, folk-stage, classical and pop dance. Girls from India and a dance group from Sri Lanka presented 2 numbers each, which were awarded by both the jury and the audience.

Of course, before the competition, everyone had a huge excitement, since this is the first competition that was not held online and in the presence of a whole audience, but all the guys successfully overcame this and proved to be the best dancers and perfectly demonstrated to the audience the special beauty of the dance of their states.

We thank the students of the IMI – participants of the dance competition “Student Spring 2021” and wish only victory and further success!