Student scientific study group “Russian as a Foreign Language” (SSSG) has started its activity in the International Medical Institute in 2020-2021. International students who demonstrated special attention to the Russian language study in the group.

IMI teachers of the Russian language T.V. Kalugina and A.M. Shumakova supervise the group.

The mission of the group is to form in students’ cognitive interest to research work in the field of profound study of the Russian language as well as to develop scientific creativity.

The first meeting took place on 03/11/2020. Though it was held online it didn’t affect creative spirits of the participants. Students learned about the SSSG mission. It is decided that the meetings are held once a month. A first-year student Muhammad Iqbal Bin Rafid was elected the SSSG leader at that meeting. The topic of the next group meeting is “Figurative Meaning of Movements Verbs in Russian”.

IMI Administration and teachers wish students not to lose their enthusiasm and inspiration; to achieve all set goals with patience and determination; to feel satisfaction in the processes of research work.