On the 5th of October, the popular vote for the best projects of the International Award #WEARETOGETHER will start. The final stage of the Award will determine the winners: they will be determined by the federal jury and citizens of Russia.

288 finalists from all regions of the country reached the final of the International Award, among them in the track “Volunteers and NPO, Health of the Nation (18+)” is the student of Kursk Medical University Vadim Lashin with the project “Smile of Life”. Vadim Lashin’s project implements educational programs to raise awareness of young people, middle-aged people about various diseases in case of non-compliance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

The initiative and position of the finalists inspire the audience to do good deeds, and the popular vote allows you to support project managers who strive to improve people’s lives.

You can choose a finalist and support a KSMU student by voting on the Dobro website.