Many students of the International Medical Institute have never been to Russia, so they do not know what Russian winter is, they have never seen snow with their own eyes. For most of them, it was a discovery that snow is not just an atmospheric phenomenon, but an amazing masterpiece of nature art. After all, each snowflake is unique and has a complex geometric shape and amazing symmetry.

The opportunity to hold a hand-made snowflake in the palm of your hand was provided to foreign students as part of the “Snowflake-competition”.In the form of a creative workshop, the IMI teachers held a master class on creating snowflakes with students, showing how, with the help of scissors, it is possible to turn a simple sheet of paper into unique openwork and voluminous snowflakes. In addition, students of the 3MB group attended a virtual tour of the world’s only snow museum, located on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, and saw more than 200 photographs of snowflakes of various shapes. And just like in nature, unique masterpieces of winter were born in the hands of each contestant. For the best creative work, students received diplomas.