On May 6-7, 2021 the II International Online Scientific and Practical Conference “Topical Issues of Pharmacology: from the Development of Medicines to Their Rational Use” was held in Bukhara (Uzbekistan) by the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sino. The conference brought together scientists from leading educational and medical organizations of Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, India and etc. Employees of Kursk State Medical University presented their reports: Head of Pharmacology Department, prof. G.S. Mal (“Personalized Medicine in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases”) and teachers of the Department of Pharmacology (associate professor T.A. Denisyuk, associate professor I.A. Tatarenkova, associate professor S.N. Udalova, senior lecturer N.V. Boldina, senior lecturer V.Yu. Tsepelev, assistant I.A. Gribovskaya), head of the Department of Internal Diseases of ICE, prof. N.N. Pribylova (“Rational Hypotensive Pharmacotherapy with Perindopril Drugs in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease with Chronic Kidney Disease After Coronary Stenting”), Head of the Department of Dermatovenereology, prof. L.V. Silina (“Therapy of Covid and Postcovid Skin Lesions: the Point of View of a Dermatologist”).

The purpose of the conference was to exchange experience and knowledge, expand opportunities for cooperation in the educational and medical segment in a remote format, which corresponds to the tasks of specific implementation of strategic plans at the present time. Topical problems of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology in different countries were discussed during two days.

Numerous questions and presentations in the debate testified to the interest that was generated in the framework of the conducted symposia. The conference program was rich, and many topics were discussed: topical problems of the study and registration of medicines; issues of pharmaceutical economics in Uzbekistan and comparative characteristics with other countries; modern look at herbal preparations; personalized medicine – problems of pharmacogenetics; modern principles of rational pharmacotherapy; monitoring of drug interactions and adverse reactions, features of COVID-19 pharmacotherapy. Many reports were devoted to the organization of the provision of medicines for primary health care, the development and analysis of medicines in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Such events contribute to the expansion of international contacts in educational and research segments.


Senior lecturer of the Department of Pharmacology N.V. Boldina