The effective development of student science provides for a variety of forms of its organization, one of which is student research laboratories. Student Research Laboratory (SRL) was organized at KSMU in 2009 on the initiative of Rector of KSMU, Professor V.A. Lazarenko, and still it is a unique project that allows to develop student initiative and integrate scientific research with the educational process. SRL is a voluntary public association of students interested in experimental science. They were given the opportunity to work in the laboratories of the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine, General Pathology and Physiology under the guidance of mentors with extensive experience in experimental research. The mentors introduced the laboratories, helped to master the methods, as a result of which the most motivated students themselves were able to become mentors for beginners. It has already become traditional to conduct master classes at the laboratories of the Research Institute of the Research Center of KSMU. Currently, mentoring is one of the forms of scientific interaction not only between students, but also between students and schoolchildren. SRL members supervise nine projects, which are carried out by listeners of KSMU Preuniversity, four of them were approved by the Sirius educational center within the framework of the “Sirius. Summer Time. Start Your Project” program.

An important segment of SRL activity is educational. Its development began from the projects “Lessons of Library Competence”, trainings “Using the Internet for Searching Scientific Literature” and took shape of the elective course “Experimental Scientific Research Fundamentals”, which is taught at the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy named after A.D. Myasnikov. Currently, registration is open for 3rd year students of the Faculty of General Medicine and IMI, who will be able to study this elective course in the 4th year. However, the activities of the elective course ( are publicly available, and all students of KSMU can get acquainted with them.

In April-May 2020, schools of researchers and experimenters were held in the remote mode:

school No. 1 “Organization and Conduct of Experimental Research. Roadmap for Young Scientists”,

school No. 2 “Search for Scientific Literature. Patent Search, Intellectual Property Protection”,

school No. 3 “Particular Issues of Organizing and Conducting Experimental Research. Choice of Research Methods. Pathology Modeling Under Experimental Conditions”,

school No. 4 “Statistical Processing Methods of Primary Results in Accordance with a Small Sample”.

Recordings of these webinars are available for students in the Digital KSMU and on the thematic page of the VK social network.

SRL educational projects covered all types of activity, including organizational and legal aspects. The Interregional Scientific Conference “Ethical and Legal Aspects of Biomedical Experiments”, which was organized with the participation of SRL, turned out to be interesting and memorable for the participants.

In the first years of the laboratory existence, students from different directions of research organized SRL meetings in order to exchange results, and now conferences are regularly held. In particular, the annual conference “Experiment in Surgery and Oncology”, which is conducted 2 times a year. On March 12, 2021, scientists from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belarus, Uzbekistan, leading institutions of Moscow, Belgorod and Kursk took part in it.

The annual conference “Student Research Laboratory: Results and Prospects”, which in 2019 acquired international status, has already become traditional as well.

The SRL development continues, the doors of the laboratories of the Research Institute of KSMU Research Center are open for active, purposeful and hardworking students.

Head of the Student Scientific Laboratory Professor of the Department of Normal Physiology Irina Leonidovna Privalova