The first meeting of the “School of Directors of Teaching” in the 2022/2023 academic year was held. The meeting of the School was opened by the Vice-rector for Educational Activity and General Affairs, Associate Professor Gavrilyuk Vasily Petrovich, who focused on the organization of the educational process at the university, the quality of teaching, pedagogical technologies applied, as well as paid attention to the control of academic performance and the elimination of academic debts. The head of the Administration for Academic Management, Professor Ovod Alla Ivanovna gave an explanation of the new regulatory documents in the field of education, focused on all changes in the curricula, noted the main requirements for the methods of conducting classes and comments that were identified when attending classes. Planning the implementation of hourly study load in the 2022/2023 academic year was reflected in the speech of Deputy Head of the Administration for Academic Management, Associate Professor Irina Viktorovna Tolkacheva “Features of planning and accounting for the volume of the teaching load on educational programs implemented by the university”. The Head of the Center for the Quality of Education and Training of Scientific Personnel, Associate Professor Victoria Aleksandrovna Solyanina took part in the work of the “School of Directors of Teaching”. She noted changes in the preparation of regulatory documents in the organization of the point-rating system of students, as well as their placement on the Internet pages of the departments.