Hot weather is especially dangerous for children and people with chronic diseases.

The exposure of people with malignant neoplasms to the sun aggravates the course of the disease and negatively affects their health. The heat is also dangerous for citizens with diseases of the cardiovascular system, since thrombosis, heart rhythm disturbances, coronary heart disease, heart failure and chronic venous insufficiency are possible.

Also, in the heat, you can easily get inflammatory diseases, especially tonsillitis and pneumonia. Excessive body cooling and wet clothing under ventilators and air conditioners may weaken the immune system and lead to colds and infections.

During hot weather, people lose concentration and because of this, they have problems in completing complex production tasks. They may become more irritable and have headaches.

Working citizens, both in offices and at home in the remote mode, must strictly observe the drinking regime in the heat. Remember to drink plenty of fluids regularly. Plain water and fruit drinks are best suited. Sugary drinks will only increase the thirst. It is strongly not recommended to consume alcohol in the heat, because it disrupts the processes of thermoregulation.

Give preference to warm foods, avoid fatty and heavy foods. It is recommended to eat in small portions.

If a person is forced to work in the heat, then it is necessary to drink every 15 minutes and increase the number of breaks from work. It is ideal to alternate between working in the heat and staying in a cool, air-conditioned room.

During the heat, it is especially recommended to stop smoking cigarettes, vapes, hookahs and the use of other means of nicotine delivery.

Do not ignore the first signs of overheating and dehydration: dry mouth, growing thirst, weakness, headache, heart palpitations, dizziness when standing up, or even fainting.

If these signs occur, it is necessary first of all to move the victim into the shade, give cool water to drink and release from tight clothing in order to give a greater flow of oxygen when breathing. In case if a person fainted, it is necessary to call an ambulance.