On March 23, 2021, the All-Russian Oncology Dictation was held, the main purpose of which was to increase cancer literacy among students, to form cancer awareness; to improve students’ attitude towards lifestyle and their own health, as well as to popularize knowledge about the main types of educational and informational events in oncology.

Students of educational institutions of higher education engaged in educational activities in medical and pharmaceutical specialties were invited to participate in the All-Russian Oncological dictation. Dictation was conducted on the portal: www.dictant-oncology.ru and included 50 test questions on the main sections of oncology. The dictation was attended by 44,690 students from 185 educational institutions of higher education in 80 regions of the Russian Federation. Students of our university showed a genuine interest in the event, which is confirmed by the number of participants from KSMU – 1893 students of the medical, pediatric, dental faculties and the Faculty of Medical and Preventive Medicine.

We congratulate the students of KSMU, who scored the highest points at the end of the dictation and were awarded by the Organizing Committee of the All-Russian Oncological dictation:

Mironova Diana Yurievna 13 гр. 6 курс General Medicine

Soldatov Nikita Nikolayevich 13 гр. 6 курс General Medicine

Murkikh Aleksei Dmitrievich 29 гр. 6 курс General Medicine

Kaufman-Donetsky Niki Yurievich 21 гр. 6 курс General Medicine

Shamrina Karina Sergeevna 6 гр. 4 курс Pediatrics

Trunova Darina Sergeevna 5 гр. 5 курс Pediatrics

Churilova Victoria Dmitrievna 3 гр. 5 курс Pediatrics

Shamilova Esmira Shakhmalovna 6 гр. 6 курс Pediatrics

Pakhomova Olesya Yurievna 16 гр. 6 курс General Medicine

Gornostayev Yuliy Dmitrievich 13 гр. 6 курс General Medicine

Revskaya Eugenia Sergeevna 7 гр. 6 курс General Medicine

Thank you for your sincere interest, we wish you to stay strong in the pursuit of your goals , strive for more and always be successful!