On November 11, 2021, the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference “Health Psychology in the Educational Process” (using distance technologies) was held at the Kursk State Medical University.

At the event, organized by the staff of the Department of Health Psychology and Neuropsychology, they discussed the factors of preserving the mental health of students and schoolchildren, the problems of training teachers, the use of effective technologies used today in educational institutions of the Kursk region and many other issues of various aspects of health in the educational process.

The vice-rector for educational work, social development and public relations of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education KSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Ph.D., Associate Professor A.A. Kuznetsova, Chairman of the Education Committee of the city of Kursk S.I. Belkin, Leading Consultant of the Department of Higher Education and Science of the Committee for Education and Science of the Kursk Region O.S. Krygin.

The conference was attended by: Sorokoumova E.A. (Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Moscow State Pedagogical University), Razuvaeva T.N. (Doctor of Psychology, Professor, National Research University “BelGU”), Lukyanov V.V. (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Kursk State University), Gut Yu.N. (PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor, National Research University “BelGU”), Nikishina N.A. (Ph.D., FSBEI HE KSMU of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation), Solomakhina T.R. (Ph.D., FSBEI HE KSMU of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation)., Mirakyan K.F (Ph.D., FSBEI HE “Kursk State University”), Glevitskaya V.S. (PhD in Psychology, OGBU DPO “Kursk Institute for the Development of Education”, freelance teacher-psychologist of the Committee of Education and Science of the Kursk Region), directors, teachers and educational psychologists of schools in Kursk and the Kursk Region.

The problems of health psychology in the educational process were discussed: the impact of digital educational products and technologies on the psychological health of adolescents, the socio-psychological competence of teachers in the prevention of emotional burnout, the use of resource-saving technologies in organizing a healthy lifestyle in children with disabilities, the quality of life of students and their psycho-emotional state during the period of distance learning, markers of suicidal behavior in adolescents, the rehabilitation potential of art therapy in the context of society digitalization, etc.

E.A. Sorokoumova presented mini-lectures. (Doctor of Psychology, Professor, FGBOU VO “Moscow Pedagogical State University”), Alyushina D.S. (FSBEI HE KSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia), Simonyan R.Z. (Ph.D. in History, FSBEI HE KSMU, Ministry of Health, Russia). The listeners were presented with theoretical aspects of the prospects and risks of digital education in the modern world, structural and functional zones of social infrastructure objects (axes) of the accessible environment, as well as the rules and procedures for the behavior of employees and students in the event of the threat and implementation of a terrorist act.

More than 100 people took part in the conference. Among them are the teaching staff of universities and colleges in Kursk, heads, head teachers for teaching and methodological and educational work, teachers, educational psychologists of general and special (correctional) educational institutions in Kursk and the Kursk region, as well as specialists of preschool educational institutions and additional education in Kursk.

The scientific and practical nature of the conference was also realized in the work of a master class on the prevention of professional burnout, conducted by a psychologist, gestalt therapist A.M. Tashilov.

During the conference, an exchange of practical experience on the problems of health psychology in educational institutions, the search for ways to integrate psychology, medicine and education took place.

The conference participants expressed their gratitude to the Rector of Kursk State Medical University, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko for fruitful academic and scientific cooperation. The organizers heard many warm words from the heads of educational organizations of the city who participated in the conference addressed to the staff of Kursk State Medical University in connection with the high quality of training of future specialists.