On behalf of the Head of State Vladimir Putin, the Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Vladimirovich Starovoit presented a Letter of Gratitude to Rector of Kursk State Medical University Professor Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko.

“Thank you for your disinterested contribution to the All-Russian Mutual Aid Campaign “We Are Together” aimed at social support of citizens during the period of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic in the Russian Federation,” the letter says.

Also, Letters of Gratitude were presented to the Head of the Department of Social Work and Life Safety T.A. Shulgina, Head of the Social Center N.A. Ketova, Chairman of the Trade Union of Employees of KSMU M.I. Churilin and students of the medical faculty: Lobusova Natalia, Sideleva Elena, Barsova Daria, Ostaltseva Anastasia and Saakyan Araik.