On July 13, a working trip of the Governor of the Kursk Region R.V. Starovoit to the Sovetsky district, in which the Rector of KSMU Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko took part.

During the visit, the delegation attended the Soviet Central Regional Hospital, where the capital repair was completed, and new medical equipment was purchased for the children’s clinic. The chief physician demonstrated ready-to-use facilities: an oxygen gasifier, a module for a computer tomograph, a sewerage pumping station.

In connection with the increase in the number of cases of new coronavirus infection, they discussed the issue of re-equipping the palliative medicine department into a covid department and the participation of senior students, residents and employees in the work.

Viktor Anatolyevich took part in the discussion of the improvement concept of public spaces in the village Kshensky together with the governor, specialists from the Kursk Region Competence Center and the district administration. This year, the first stage will begin – the reconstruction of the central park.