“Study, study and study again”

Traditionally, before the beginning of the school year, the August conference of teachers was held in the Cheremisinovsky district. It was attended by teachers and school directors, representatives of the authorities and the education sector of the region. Among the topics for discussion were training and professional development of teachers, development of a unified digital educational environment and ensuring children safety in educational institutions, implementation of school repair programs and the purchase of equipment.

Viktor Anatolyevich congratulated the teachers of the Cheremisinovsky district and presented letters of thanks to the teachers of secondary educational schools of districts, as well as to the parents of students studying at KSMU. Currently, more than 30 students of KSMU are from the Cheremisinovsky district.

Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko: “The most important thing for me is to raise the educational environment, to educate a person <….. > Today it is probably difficult to tear the youth away from computers and other gadgets, but we must integrate into this system and slightly change it for the better, after all, our Russian clinic is education, and then everything else…”