Rector of KSMU Viktor Anatolyevich Lazarenko took part in the presentation of the social project “Kursk Longevity” chaired by the Governor of Kursk Region Roman Vladimirovich Starovoit.

Officially, the project “Kursk Longevity” was presented to the public on the basis of KSMU in October 2020. It is designed until 2030 and is aimed at improving the quality of life of older residents of Kursk region and people with limited mobility, their social activity, and increase of the life expectancy.

The project brings together different directions and structures, including culture, education and healthcare. A leisure system, social and geriatric support is being created. One of the coordinating centers is located at Kursk State Medical University.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to annually increase the number of participants in the “University of the Elderly Person” by 500 people, up to 5 thousand Kursk citizens of pre-retirement age must receive additional vocational education or undergo retraining. About 5 thousand people can engage in leisure activities at cultural institutions, at least 1200 retirees will receive digital literacy training, conditions will be created allowing to involve the maximum number of Kursk citizens in volunteer or project activities. A separate direction concerns a healthy lifestyle formation.