Rector of KSMU Viktor Lazarenko received gratitude from the head of the consulting center of the Federal Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Kursk Region” Mikhail Bykov and Director of the imited liability company “Repolimer” Yury Buresh for help in organizing the event for the collection and disposal of plastic waste.

It was attended by students of all courses of the Faculty of Medical and Preventative Care, and 4th year students of MPC visited the enterprise LLC “Repolymer”, which is engaged in the plastic waste disposal.

Modern civilization benefits create not only convenience for people, but also cause irreparable damage to nature. In the last 10 years alone, more plastic products have been produced in the world than in the previous century. Disposable dishes, bags, packaging, bottles and various containers are the most common types of plastic waste that we “produce” on a daily basis. Only five percent of its volume is ultimately recycled and reused in everyday life.