Psychologist’s Day, celebrated annually on November 22, is a professional holiday of all Russian specialists working in the field of psychology. Although it has not yet been officially approved, but the work of these specialists is very important in modern life, full of worries and stresses. After all, the mental (mental) health of a person is no less important than the physical.

Thus, on November 22, 1994, the founding congress of the Russian Psychological Society, the largest scientific organization of psychologists in Russia, was organized. To perpetuate this important date, since 2000, it was on this day that the Day of the Psychologist began to be celebrated.

The Faculty of Clinical Psychology was opened at KSMU in 1999, in 2004 the first graduation of clinical psychologists took place. He became the first among the medical universities of the country!

The needs of the healthcare system for clinical psychologists became apparent in the 90s of the last century. They are caused by an increase in the number of diseases in the etiology of which psychological factors are involved, the need for psychological support and psychotherapy of patients of different profiles.

Graduates of the faculty work in various spheres of society: in the system of healthcare, education and social assistance to the population, public organizations, administrative and law enforcement agencies. They have established themselves as highly professional specialists not only in the Kursk region, but also in many regions of Russia.

A psychologist is a specialist who studies human behavior in various situations, deals with the correction of his actions in life, at work, in society. It helps to overcome fears, complexes, to understand yourself, your actions, to find out the root cause of certain erroneous decisions. All this is aimed at achieving harmony in human life. In other words, psychologists are “healers of souls.”

A psychologist is a specialist who deals with the most fragile – with the soul of a person, turning words into medicines. Sometimes people think that they are “their own psychologists.”…. But, unfortunately, they never find the opportunity to cope when they get into a difficult situation. Then it seems to them that there is a way out, and they need to go to the doctor… He will prescribe medications, and the problems will go away, life will get better…. But even here it turns out that medications help temporarily….. A psychologist is the very hope for a person, the last thread to finding happiness, harmony, peace with oneself and others, help in seeing their resources, strengths, opportunities….

Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Economics and Management, Head of the Department of General Clinical Psychology, Professor T.D.VASILENKO