Head of the Department of Anesthesiology, Reanimatology and Intensive Care of the Postgraduate Faculty of KSMU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Sergey Aleksandrovich Sumin became the laureate of the annual award in the field of medical and pharmaceutical education for the preparation of the study guide “Emergency and Urgent Conditions”.

The study material was published in 2019 in collaboration with the Vice-rector of Chita State Medical Academy, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Konstantin Gennadievich Shapovalov. It is recommended by the Coordinating Council for the field of education “Healthcare and Medical Sciences” for training highly qualified personnel in residency in the enlarged group of specialties 31.00.00 “Clinical Medicine”.

The authors outlined the main theoretical and practical issues of providing medical care to a patient in an emergency and urgent form based on the data from domestic and foreign literature, personal experience.

Professor Sergey Aleksandrovich Sumin is the author of over 400 published works, including 41 textbooks, teaching aids, monographs and reference books, edited to date with a total circulation of 98,700 copies. His study guide “Emergency conditions” has been reprinted 8 times!